Blueprint to Success
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The Business Web Factory 7 week Blueprint to Success

Unique to Business Web Factory, here is your chance to enrol on our FREE seven week Blueprint for Success course to get you the results you are looking for from your website.

Here is a taster of topics covered...

Week 1: Build your strategy

Learn how to make your business stand out from the crowd so that rather than pursuing your potential customers, they will come to you.

Week 2: The Secret

Discover the Business Web Factory secret to website success.

Week 3: Know your customers

In week 3 we focus on the customer and discover how to build good relationships with them and discover the issues and questions that they have. By understanding your customers’ needs more fully and incorporating web copy that shows how you appreciate and resolve them, you can build confidence with the customer that they will get a higher level of service or better product from you than from anywhere else.

Week 4: How to write copy

Learn the secrets of writing the kind of killer direct response copy that will engage your readers and make them seek you to buy your product. In this week you’ll discover the 7 key elements of copy writing as well as how to write crowd-pulling headlines.

Week 5: What kind of website do you need?

This week you will start to create your Business Web Factory website. You will reserve your domain name, learn to use your Plesk panel and choose your content management system. All will be explained through these daily emails, articles and animated tutorials.

Week 6: Your design

Getting your web site design right is critical for its success and that of your business. This week we will cover those essentials that will help you create a site that will always be displayed properly no matter what browser your prospects use, help drive traffic to it and make the search engines love your site.

Week 7: Promoting your website

Promoting your website so that prospective customers can find your site and be amazed by your impartial advice and offers is the final piece of the puzzle. This week you’ll discover the secrets of the search engines, find out what landing pages are and why they’re so important and realise the importance of measuring to build sustained success.

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