How we help
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How we help

Only the Business Web Factory gives you the help, support and confidence to self manage your website.

We teach you through email courses

Through email courses, also known as autoresponders, we guide you through the early stages of setting up your website, selecting your domain (website) name and choosing your content management system to the secrets of design and marketing that will make your website a long term success.

There are email courses that introduce the Business Web Factory including the massive 7 week blueprint to success and courses that go into more detail of getting the most of your plesk control panel, the Drupal and OsCommerce content management systems, as well as design and marketing to build your lasting website success.

Click here for a full list of these email courses then choose one and enter your name and email address. Don’t worry, you can sign up with confidence as we never spam nor will we sell on your details. We only need your details so that the autoresponder service Aweber can automatically send you the emails in the course direct to your inbox.

Important – You will be sent a “confirmation email” whenever you enter your name and email address to start a course. This confirms that you actually want the course and conforms to anti-spam legislation. Simply follow the link in the email and the course emails will begin.

In each course you’ll see exactly how many parts there are and where you are in the sequence. When the sequence of daily emails ends then you won’t receive any further messages from that course although you can, of course, sign up for other courses.

You can cancel or “unsubscribe” from any course at any time by following the link at the bottom of each email in the sequence.

Help and support

If you ever get stuck then the Business Web Factory is there with the help and support that you need. Follow these steps in order and you’ll quickly get back on track.

  1. Check out the FAQs - FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions and will cover most of the issues that you may come across. If you have a problem you should look here first.
  2. Look in the Knowledge base - If a problem isn’t in the FAQ question then the solution is probably in the knowledge base. This should be your next stop.
  3. Enter a support ticket - You should enter a support ticket in only two possible circumstances that covers everything else.
    1. You’re the first to discover a new problem. In which case we’ll help you find a solution and then add it to the FAQ or Knowledge Base.
    2. You need help or assistance that’s beyond the scope of the Business Web Factory. You may want to invest in your site, once it becomes successful, and get help with a customised design or graphics or have an experienced editor review your website copy. These are handled by credits that can be bought and used to upgrade your website. Click here to find out more.
The Business Web Factory gives you the help, support and confidence to self manage your website through email courses, FAQs and the knowledge base.
Further Info
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