Create Your Own Website

Menu Design

How to design your menu for optimal navigation...

Shape & Colour

How to choose shapes and colours...

How to design a website in 3 steps

At last! An effective way of planning and designing your website without getting bogged down in organising your content

Preparation is the Key

The ultimate success of your website will be constrained by the thoroughness of your design, the preparation of the information needed and the effort you invest into the project to reach the desired quality.

How to get started

How to get started

Requirements Analysis

How to perform a requirements analysis for your planning process to create great website designs…

Graphic Layout

Introducing fast-track wire-framing to organise the layout of your website

Web Design and the Search Engines

How to design your website with the Search Engines in mind…

W3C and DDA Compliance

Why complying to the correct standards and accessibility guidelines is important…

Technical Aspects

Technical aspects include how well your HTML code has been written, using well formed HTML and correct and appropriate use of stylesheets, and how well you have integrated features such as AJAX technology, flash or other advanced features.
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