Design Questionnaire
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How to establish clear guidelines with respect to the design concept for your website...

What do you think makes a good website?

Complete the design questionnaire to help quantify and qualify your decisions. Decide on 3,4 or 5 column width styling. Fixed or variable width? Cool or warm colours? Lifestyle or strongly product based photography?

The questionnaire will help you make decisions on the styling of your website. This will be based on likes and dislikes of other websites you use. The aesthetics of your website will be the collection of individual choices made by you. This means that although you will not please everyone, at least you will be happy with it!

The objective of the design questionnaire is to highlight ten basic design criteria used to develop the graphic design concept or theme.

By approving these ten criteria, it implies that if the resulting graphic design meets these criteria, then the you agree that the graphic design also meets the design requirements.

This is a method of 'drawing a line in the sand' in terms of getting a satisfactory design. The consequences of not reaching this compromise will result in endless iterative changes to the graphic design, and never reaching a satisfactory agreement.

You can either create your own graphic design using a suitable graphic design tool, such as Adobe Photoshop, or hire a Graphic Designer, or simply forward this design to and request a design.

BusinessWebFactory will provide you with a design and integrate this into your chosen content management system for you.