What’s in a website name?
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What’s in a website name? Your profits!

To make a name for yourself in the online world you need a name for your website that is clear, relevant to what you do and is memorable.

But, we’ve all had that awful sinking feeling when you think of the perfect name only to find someone has beaten you to it and it’s gone. I’ve felt the same but then found that following these steps will help you create a website name that you will be proud of and will pull in the customers.

1) Sources of inspiration

Think about the following when you’re trying to think up names for your website.

Company name – this is the obvious choice for many but is it really what your customers will be looking for? This works best only if people know your company.

Products or services – These names can be more competitive but worth getting as you identify yourself with a particular product or service that will drive people looking for that product to your site.

Problems you solve or benefits – this is an extremely good technique that is often overlooked as it turns the process around so that you concentrate on the result that your prospects want. For example instead of having a bank’s name, or consolidate loans name you could opt for something like clearMyDebts.com.

Use numbers for words – If you audience will cope with it you can use numbers such as 4 and 2 instead of some words like for, to, 2day. Numbers also break up words in your name such as in debtfree2day, savemoney4you etc.

2) Play with thesaurus.com

Have fun playing with www.thesaurus.com. This website allows you to throw the ideas you created in step one and seeing what alternatives come up. If you relax and have fun the creative juices will begin to flow and you’ll soon have that Eureka! moment and find one you love.

3) .co.uk vs .com

If you’re based in the UK then you should opt for a .co.uk address. You could however also opt for a .com address to appeal to a more international audience. .Org addresses tend to be for official organisations and .net and .info haven’t really taken off as much as .com or .co.uk. Incidentally, have you noticed TV companies using a .TV address such as Channel 5s www.five.tv? These actually belong to the small Pacific island of Taluva and are their equivalent of .co.uk!

4) Test with family, friends and colleagues

Once you have a few possibilities you should test them out on your friends, family and colleagues but make sure you ask for an honest opinion as they will tell you what they think you want to hear.

5) You can have more than one

It’s important that you remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having more than one domain name pointing at your website. At around £10 each per year you can afford to select two or three that apply to your business, products or customer needs. For example, if you have a pet emergency help service then you may use something like PETS999.com. In the UK that would be a great name, in the USA it would be meaningless. Instead you would also register PETS911.com.

Enjoy playing about with your ideas and create and register an effective and memorable name for your website.
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