CMS Modules
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Drupal and osCommerce provide a huge range of added funtionality for Free!

Easily installed extensions mean that your website can change and grow as you do.

osCommerce and Drupal have vibrant development communities. As well as their core development teams, each CMS has hundreds of members all over the world who constantly produce new modules for the standard installation. These modules are called various things, such as addons, plugins, components, mambots, and extensions. We will call them all "extensions". Extensions do not come with the standard install because most of them are not needed by most people. You can imagine that if even a small selection of the thousands available were included, they would make the initial installation far too large.

The vast majority of the these extensions are free to download and install and easily available from the relevant websites (see Further Info links). Some must be paid for but at very low cost considering the extra function they provide.

  • Document management systems
  • Forums
  • Chat modules
  • Events caladers
  • Newsletters
  • Reporting packages
  • Advertising banner managers
  • Client Resources Managers
  • Wysiwyg editors
  • Business directories

To find out what extensions are provided by each community you should visit the Drupal and osCommerce websites.

CMS modules add functions to your site that do not come with the standard installation. They make it easy for you to add extra functions to your site of particular benefit to you and your business.
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