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A Plesk control panel on a Rackspace server supported by the BusinessWebFactory at £19.99 a month is an unbeatable combination!

When you join Business Web factory you will be given access to the Plesk control panel specifically designed to simplify management of your domain.

Plesk gives you the ability to do the following:

  • Manage mail accounts, including email forwarding, autoresponder email and mailing lists
  • Create, edit, and delete domain web users
  • View domain statistics
  • Enable scripting capabilities
  • Create, edit, and delete protected directories, manage the directory users, set up access with SSL (encrytion) or standard http
  • Set up file transfer capabilities (FTP)
  • Manage databases: create, edit, and delete multiple databases and manage database users
  • Manage SSL certificates
  • Edit your website content using the File Manager
  • Use the Help Desk to get technical assistance

We supply you with the Plesk server control panel that lets non-technical people perform a wide variety of administrative tasks, from creating new email accounts to managing multiple domains.

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