What is a Web Server?
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Choose a server to ensure your site stays live and online.

The servers that Business Web Factory use are located in a secure and climate-controlled environment with emergency power facilities, fire protection and backup systems to ensure your site stays live and online. These computers store your web pages and files that make up web site. These servers are connected to the rest of the Internet via a high speed line, so that your customers can have access to your website all the time, at any time.

A "web server" is a high-powered computer, running some sort of web server software (Apache) that stores web site documents and "serves" up web pages when browsers request them. One web server may store documents for many different web sites. When people visit your web site, they do so by connecting to your server through the World Wide Web. This Internet connection allows visitors to receive - or "download" - your web site documents into their own computers.

These web servers also run various "server-side" applications to allow your website to access databases. Just about all "interactive" websites use databases to store website information users input, or to store the information provided when a user asks for something, so running databases is an important capability of a web server.

When your website is crucial to your business, you need it to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Business Webfactory web hosting service you can be confident that your site is being supported by the best hardware and software available to make this happen.
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